Admissions Requirements



  • Civil servants (medium-high and high rank)
  • International Organisation Officers
  • Experts on Public Governance issues
  • Experts on Public Governance in the Arab Countries
  • Researchers in Arab world.
  • Government Officials
  • Recent Undergraduates with academic/personal profiles related to the programme.


  • University Degree or proven experience in positions of civil service (1-2).
  • Curriculum vitae (assessed by the Academic Committee)
  • Passport / ID
    1. English proficiency certificates (TOEFL, CPE.)
      Cover letter (600 words in English)

(1) A certified copy of the diploma may be requested
(2) Study abroad transcripts are not required provided the credits were recognized by the primary institution and appear on the official transcripts.


  • Application deadline to register: October 5th 2015


  • 15% of the total number of enrolments shall be used to finance scholarships, 3 full scholarships and 1 half scholarship.
  • In order to apply for a scholarship, you have to be enrolled in the program and have paid the first installment of the tuition fees. Scholarships will be granted after reviewing the economic situations and academic performance and potential of the candidate (3).

(3) Online application for the POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL