The Master in Public Governance, offered by the University of Granada and the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies, provides high quality training in the concept of Governance and its applicability in the strategic regions.

The program is intended for high-level civil servants countries as well as professional and academic specialists in fields related to governance, public administration and public management. Master candidates will have the chance through their training to improve their skills and challenge their understanding of Governance through modules delving on a great variety of topics related to reform and effective government. A program like that is of the up-most relevance. Achieving good Governance among strategic regions requires strong support and enforcement of laws that guarantee rights and fundamental freedoms, achieve horizontal and vertical accountability to control executive power, and ensure balance among public and private actors. Added to this, administrative and legal reforms to increase the economic capacities of these countries stresses the need of specialists capable of bringing the policy-relatedinsight and solutions necessary in order to achieve effective government. The programme┬┤s teaching dynamic is based on a method of blended learning that combines online courses and on-site seminars, allowing the students to carry outtheir studies without having to give up their professional commitments.

The onsite seminars will take place Granada (dates to be confirmed depending onavailability and schedules of professors), where students will be able to interact directly between themselves as well as with faculty and professional experts of international reputations.